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welcome to 4and20Million

4and20Million help teams tackle the biggest challenges of modern work

We’re in a new era of hybrid working, whilst facing widespread burnout and stagnant productivity.  We equip teams, individuals and emerging leaders with the skills to navigate these challenges and thrive.
We help teams collaborate effectively in the new hybrid world
We nurture engaging and confident public speakers
We improve personal productivity whilst addressing burnout and work/life balance
We empower managers to lead high-performing teams
Here's how we do it:

Great teams must bring together a diverse range of skills and perspectives in a complementary way.  They need to overcome the inefficiencies of meetings, emails and constant interruption to work effectively together.

​Our team-focussed sessions tackle these challenges head on, establishing a clear route to greater mutual awareness, rapport building and collaboration, shared productivity initiatives and a stronger collective identity.

​No team excels without making opportunity available to all.  As part of the drive to democratise opportunity, we also provide a range of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion courses.

Many of us are held back in our careers by a long-held personal barrier or skill that could kickstart our progress if we could master it.

This could be public speaking, creating great presentations, supercharging your productivity, improving your work/life balance or simply understanding your strengths and growth areas better. 

Our range of half-day courses equip ambitious professionals with lasting skills to  overcome these common career challenges, excel in their roles and boost their prospects.

We cater to groups of any size from a minimum of 4 people, with in-person and virtual options available.

There is perhaps no greater responsibility in work than leading and managing others, yet it is often a role we step into with little preparation.

​Our half-day modules for emerging leaders include meeting the demands of modern line management (Boss to Coach), how to create and normalise a culture of open feedback, managing difficult conversations and fine-tuning your emotional intelligence.

These considerations are often a million miles away from the technical skills of our roles, but are vital when managing others.

4and20Million help create astute people leaders that others want to follow.

Maximise Your Potential

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what our clients say:

"Insightful, practical and hugely enjoyable, 4and20Million have had a galvanising effect on our team's productivity, instilling a healthy, high-performance approach towards how we work."
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