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training the five essential skills that unlock high performance

Every job has its own specific technical skills and industry knowledge to learn. To move from competence to excellence, we also need to master the five universal human skills that unlock high performance.
4and20Million train these five essential skills.

so what are the five essential skills to unlock high performance?

  • In the whirlwind of modern work, our ability to focus and manage our time and energy are vital to unlock productivity, increase job fulfilment and decrease stress.

  • Training your managers to enable great performance in others is the single biggest impact you can have on your business.

  • Working and communicating successfully with others is a critical requirement of every role. Yet it is the most overlooked and underdeveloped skill in the workplace.

  • Crafting and delivering powerful stories is how people to persuade, inspire and unite those around them.

  • Knowing ourselves, understanding our emotions and building on our unique strengths enables us to make better decisions, do brilliant work and bring greater positive energy to everything we do.

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