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Who are we?

4and20Million is Alex, Josie and Dan.

We've worked together for 16 years, and launched 4and20Million in 2018 to devote ourselves full-time to the part of work that we all cherish the most - enabling people to be the best they can be every day.

We've experienced the challenges of growth: we've battled against silos, led teams, developed great talent, championed great culture, navigated mergers, restructures, wins and losses.  And we've seen a profound and potent effect of this one over-riding priority: enabling your people to be the best they can be.

We all passionately believe in a single simple aim in life: trying to be a bit better every day.  Whatever your job, circumstances or experience, we can all improve all the time, and the joy of doing so is more than worth the effort.

Being better doesn't mean hitting arbitrary targets.  It means throwing yourself in, doing your best and coming out the other side proud of your efforts, richer for the experience and hungry for more. 

We deliver brilliant training courses that are both inspiring and practical, ensuring the benefit is felt by individuals and businesses long into the future.

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Alex Hywood


Alex's drive is to help groups of people come together to be greater than the sum of their parts and create their best ever work.


The rest of the time, he mostly runs around a park pretending to be a monster, to the delight of his unruly toddler and the embarrassment of his wife.

Josie Saville


Josie is passionate about helping companies become places where people turn up in the morning full of positive energy and leave at the end of the day feeling proud of the work they’ve done.

When not helping people thrive, Josie is a mum, wife, sister, friend, tennis & netball player, book geek, optimist.

Dan McNicholas


With a background in analytics and philosophy, Dan’s focus is always on ensuring an evidence-based and measurable approach to everything we do.

He’s a proud dad of two, a qualified psychometric coach, a keen learner and a mediocre sportsman.