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Team training that unites individuals, boosts collaboration and supercharges effectiveness.

1 day course with optional follow-on
practical tasks to deepen learning
30 page personal development plan
collaboration - collective brilliance

Working and communicating successfully with other people is a critical requirement of every role. Yet collaboration is the most overlooked and underdeveloped skill in the workplace. 

Each of us makes sense of the world through the lens of our own experiences, expectations and understanding. While this variation is a huge strength within a company, it can also lead to misunderstanding, miscommunication and frustration. Most businesses simply expect teams to be able to collaborate effectively without crucial support or guidance.

Many psychometric profiling tools empower people to understand themselves and their colleagues better, often with enlightening results. However, these tools can also be guilty of ‘pigeonholing’ people: Introverted, Methodical, Analytical, Creative.  This has the negative effect of caricaturing people into limited skill-sets, narrow capabilities and capped potential. 


Collective Brilliance is different. Using an independent, research-based analysis (Lumina Spark), we measure all of the traditional personality traits on a continuum, recognising that we are not simply one thing or the other. This methodology also reveals the differences between our natural and day-to-day personas, and how we adapt when under pressure.

Objectives of Collective Brilliance

Collective Brilliance creates strong, collaborative teams through greater mutual understanding and emotional intelligence. It provides a strong framework for building rapport, embracing diversity and team working.


You’ll gain a better understanding of your team’s similarities, differences and blind spots, as well as a visual representation to allow for easy comparison and shorthand understanding of each of your colleagues. 


Participants leave with a better understanding of their own traits, perspective, communication style and motivations in a way that is both rich in detail and practically applicable.

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