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Team building and collective emotional intelligence training to enhance collaboration, build team rapport and increase team effectiveness



Effective collaboration between colleagues is vital to the success of every organisation. However, fostering this close connection and ensuring understanding amongst a team is one of the great challenges of working life, especially when teams work remotely or have little direct contact.

Our Collective Brilliance training course enables people to understand themselves and their colleagues more thoroughly - identifying common ground, shared blind spots, differences in perspective and individual strengths.


4and20Million work with teams of all sizes to ensure that this understanding is overlaid with practical ways to make cognitive diversity a strength rather than a barrier, via  communication style, rapport-building and greater mutual consideration.

This learning programme helps teams realise their collective strengths, identify their potential skill gaps, overcome collaboration challenges and create a more supportive and effective team culture.

This course combines emotional intelligence and team building with interpersonal skills, rapport building, enhanced self-awareness and - importantly - future-facing personal development goals to direct future growth.

Collective Brilliance is powered by Lumina Spark, a modern psychometric tool that emphasises growth potential and effective collaboration. With a focus on future development, it combines a 30-page personal portrait, an interactive mobile app and plenty of follow-on material to keep the insight and discussion alive across the team well beyond the initial session.


As a result of this training, team members will understand themselves and each other better, laying important foundations for effective communication, trust, collaboration and utilising each others' strengths effectively.

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