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boosting personal productivity

Invaluable training to maximise your productivity and get more from the time you put in - whilst seeking to strike a healthy and sustainable balance


boosting personal productivity

No matter how hard we work, it can feel like we’re always racing to keep pace. We work in a whirlwind of relentless demands and never-ending to-do lists. 

As a result, we see the levels of stress and anxiety across the workforce steadily increasing.  Even before COVID,  YouGov found that 74% of UK adults felt unable to cope due to workplace stress in a typical year.

Boosting Personal Productivity develops the skills and behaviours we need to thrive in our hyper-connected, fast-paced working world. We examine how it is possible to create high quality work in less time by fending off distraction and encouraging clear, structured planning.

We explore established techniques and skills that will bring more control, calm, clarity and creativity into your daily life. This is about doing your very best work in a sustainable, healthy way.

This half-day training course will boost productivity and performance, and provides practical ways of prioritising workloads, structuring the day and managing time and attention when faced with an ever-growing list of competing priorities.

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