Strengths-based training and mentoring programme designed to supercharge individual development.

30-page psychometric profile
1-to-1 personal development sessions
Flexible, confidential mentoring support
personal development - all about you

Knowing ourselves, understanding our emotions and building on our unique strengths enables us to make better decisions, do brilliant work and bring greater positive energy to everything we do. 


Every single one of us is unique. We have different ambitions, perspectives, fears, skills, passions, home lives and priorities. It’s difficult for any company to meet the unique and changing needs, concerns and aspirations of each employee. That’s why it’s vital to have someone in your corner. 

‘See me by my strengths’ is the foundation of our All About You mentorship programme. It is a development mindset that allows people to reach their full potential. Identifying your strengths builds confidence and a feeling of positivity.

Objectives of All About You

4and20Million offer a relationship designed to build confidence and support people within your business, helping them to take control of their own development and achieve their goals. 


Using an independent, research-based analysis (Lumina Spark), we explore a broad spectrum of personality traits on a continuum, avoiding the pitfalls of narrow categorisation and recognising the full, complex reality of our own personalities. 


This analysis and the subsequent 30-page personal profile report becomes the foundation of our All About You development programme.


We ask questions, listen without judgement, provide alternative perspectives and help people make better decisions for themselves and their businesses.  We help people find the path to their own growth based on their own unique strengths.


Having the backing and support of a mentor can help you identify and achieve your goals more quickly and effectively than working alone. We all need a sounding board.

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