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A nine month development programme addressing the biggest career challenges

empower career development
Develop key skills for success
personalised learning & development
Elevating Potential

Whether delivered as a stand-alone programme or alongside internal training, 4and20Million’s Elevating Potential programme supports the rising stars and future leaders of your business in developing the key skills and perspectives that will enable them to fully thrive.

Over nine months we address the most common barriers and challenges that come with increasing seniority and career development, including;

Self-awareness, public speaking, storytelling, managing others, building rapport, productivity and self-management, avoiding burnout, emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback and setting and achieving goals.

These are the skill gaps that frequently stifle personal growth, create career roadblocks and hold brilliant people back.  


Throughout Elevating Potential we tackle these challenges head on and collaboratively, providing practical and applicable training in a supportive group environment.

Delivered in cohorts of up to 12, the Elevating Potential programme combines interactive half-day learning sessions, takeaway tasks to embed new behaviours and group discussion to encourage peer-learning and create supportive networks.

Click below for the full course brochure, or contact us to learn more.

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