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what sort of companies do we work with?
Any business that values the development and success of their people as a priority

Simon Crunden
The Freethinking Group

"In 20 years in the industry, I can’t think of a more useful 2 hours of training I’ve had.

The 4and20Million session was hugely useful and interesting to our team.  Even our most experienced staff members learnt more about themselves and how to better understand their colleagues.”

EY circle.png

Geoff Palmer

Immensely valuable and insightful. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to other companies that engaging with 4and20Million creates a really positive outcome particularly on the effectiveness of their people.”

Deloitte sized.png

Adam Powell

“Insightful, practical and hugely enjoyable, 4and20Million have had a galvanising effect on our team's productivity, instilling a healthy, high-performance approach towards how we work. It's been a really valuable experience and we anticipate that 4and20Million will continue to have a positive impact on lots more of our teams within Deloitte.”


Cherry Booth
Group Business Director

4and20Million have helped our senior team develop the skills that will enable them to become effective leaders of the futureempowering each leader to develop their own personalised leadership style whilst supporting the whole team  - and I've seen a real benefit as a result."

here's what our clients have to say:

Stephen Hartman
Global Head, Corporate Development

“4and20Million provided an engaging and effective program to help our Tax & Legal team better manage the challenges of an ‘always on’ working environment. Their materials and research were excellent; they also managed to engage a large global team remotely with great success.  We thank them sincerely for all their help.”

Love Sugar Science logo.jpg

Jessica Scott

"4and20Million are ace! 
A day spent with them helped us to really understand ourselves and each other in a way that will help us grow in the years to come. 

They're passionate, friendly and I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving them a call to see how they can help your people achieve extraordinary things."

Wien 2.png

Richard Bishop
Marketing Lead

"The team at 4and20Million provided the best presentation and storytelling training I have ever experienced.


I wholeheartedly recommend them to train your team, it is an investment you will not regret."

pro manc logo.png

Sam Booth

"Delivered with energy, knowledge and passion, 4and20Million provide vital training to help businesses withstand the pressures of modern work. They've had a really positive impact on our team dynamic and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future."

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