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Bitesize video series: How To Think Like Einstein

If you follow our social channels, you’ll have seen us talk a lot this week about our Bitesize Inspiration series; How To Think Like Einstein. Far from being an impossible goal, we learnt that even a mind as unrivalled as Einstein’s needed the right techniques and strategies to achieve his incredible insights and breakthroughs.

We also emphasised that these techniques aren’t useful only to super-smart physicists. As Alex discussed in our wrap up video, the founder of Not On The High Street used some of the same strategies as Einstein to bring the right balance of perspectives to her business.

In short, there’s plenty we can all take from how Einstein hacked his intelligence to achieve amazing results. The video series is available on our YouTube channel, neatly digested into 3 minute doses of inspiring thinking.

If you’d like a flavour of what’s included, you can expect to hear about the following:

  • How breakthrough thinking, new ideas and innovative solutions require us to step away from reality.

  • The awesome problem-solving power of our subconscious, and the counterintuitive way we can access it.

  • The importance of diversity of thinking and smart collaboration in creating great thinking.

…and if these bitesize ideas pique your interest, make sure you subscribe to the 4and20Million YouTube channel for more of these videos. Next week’s theme of Boosting Productivity is packed with great techniques to help you get more from your day.




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