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Elevating Potential

Equip yourself with the critical skills to supercharge your work performance and enhance your long-term career prospects

You can’t skip the journey…but you can accelerate it

During any absent-minded scroll through Twitter these days, you are likely to encounter a tweet with a structure like this.

I launched, built and sold seven $1bn start-ups in 3 years.

I’m sharing 10 things I learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to.

[A thread]

This type of tweet suggests that fulfilment can be attained instantaneously by standing on the shoulders of supposed giants. That it’s possible to short-cut some of the tough stuff in life.

This philosophy bleeds into other areas of our lives. We expect rapid promotions, express delivery and immediate gratification in personal and professional settings. In the era of Google, Deliveroo, Klarna and Tinder, we’re used to having instant choice and constant availability. However this ‘silver bullet’ mindset neglects a critical component. In our haste to reach the promised land, this desire for instant success denigrates the value of the learning process. Despite the Twittersphere’s simplifications, we all know that it’s the journey that offers the richest experiences, not the destination.

Challenges; old and new We now face particular modern work pressures, such as leading teams in hybrid environments, structuring your days and managing the impact of technological distraction. These combine with age-old challenges, including working effectively with others, self-development, workload management and avoiding stress and burnout.

Businesses must balance these development needs with the demands of their day to day responsibilities. It’s time-consuming to design and provide learning programmes that engage, excite and inspire teams.

Employers want immediate improvement in their teams.

Employees want immediate improvement in their skillset and prospects.

But developing the range of skills needed to flourish in modern work is no quick fix.

You can’t skip the journey. But it is possible to accelerate the process.

Solving the most pressing problems

We can address these challenges head on, right now. Through 4and20Million’s learning programme for high performers - Elevating Potential. Most people want to acquire new skills, and quickly. But it can be hard to know where to start. Depending on your role, you’ll need industry knowledge, technical qualifications and accumulated wisdom as a starting point. Yet once these building blocks are in place, many of us are held back by more universal ‘human skills’ that make the difference between competence and high performance:

Public speaking - and crafting a compelling narrative Managing others - delivering feedback, building rapport, nurturing development, building strong teams

Self-management - growing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, avoiding burnout and achieving growth goals

These skills are the focus of Elevating Potential. This is a learning and development programme designed for ambitious professionals who want to develop the skills that will enable them to excel in the world of modern work, with immediate benefits for the individual and their company.

Suitable for individuals looking to join a cohort of like-minded ambitious professionals, or businesses seeking to send their top performers on a career-enhancing journey, the benefits of Elevating Potential are clear.

Simple: Straightforward access to an inspiring, wide-ranging programme without the need to engage multiple external training providers.

Supportive: Participants receive long-term support from 4and20Million and access to a supportive peer group. The limited cohort size enables participants to build confidence, apply their skills and share development stories throughout the duration of the programme. Supercharged: Each module is designed to make an immediate and lasting impact. Elevating Potential will accelerate personal development and provide guidance to help people overcome the biggest barriers of career development.

Elevating Potential equips ambitious professionals with lasting skills to help them overcome common career challenges, excel in their roles and boost their prospects.

You won’t be able to skip the journey, but you can accelerate your progressional progress. For full details, further information and learning more about how to boost your career prospects, please contact:


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