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Untapping Potential - new research

How can we make work better? By now you'll have seen the statistics, on this site and elsewhere - we're only productive for three hours in an eight hour working day. The majority of our employees are not engaged with their work, and stress levels are rising.

This is a bleak picture and needs to be addressed - but to do that we need to first understand the causes and solutions to these problems.

For this reason, we undertook a deep-dive research project at the end of 2018 involving employees from a range of industries, levels of seniority and length of tenure.

As well as reinforcing the picture of an unproductive and disengaged workforce, by interrogating the key areas crucial to performance and engagement the report found some clear guiding principles to developing a motivated, productive and collaborative workforce.

Covering practical considerations of pay, line management, objective setting, business goals, working environment, flexible working, feedback and work/life balance, this research will be of great value to any company looking to maximise the performance and well being of their people.

It contains practical recommendations for making work better, alongside a discussion of themes that will be familiar to many employers involved in recruiting, retaining, motivating and enabling employees to do their best work.

The full research paper is available here, or via the link at the top of our Blog page. If you'd like some hard copies in brochure form for your organisation, please email for more details (

We hope you enjoy the read - we'd love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions!


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