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Overcoming the challenges of mass remote working

As companies expand working-from-home arrangements, the technological challenges are the first barrier to overcome. But few companies have yet considered the personal challenges for their employees.

Ongoing working from home is not easy. Employees become more isolated. Remaining productive and focused while away from the rest of the team and the office environment can be difficult. Teamwork, motivation and productivity can all suffer.

4and20million have created two virtual training courses to help employees and companies to thrive amidst the disruption of isolated working.

Isolated Productivity is a masterclass in how to work efficiently away from the office.

We share the practices and structures necessary to get the most from your day in the absence of the motivation and interaction of your colleagues. Sitting alone at home (or simultaneously balancing childcare) can be a difficult setting for motivation and productivity. This one hour session provides a framework and approach to have more productive and positive days at home. It will help you get more done in less time, and stay motivated, structured and connected.

Connected Responsibility is a masterclass in how to lead a remote team.

This session helps leaders replace the usual cycle of in-person meetings and team updates with a contact structure to ensure progress updates, clarity of work and accountability remain in place while people are working independently. Creating the right structure for sharing progress, expectations and priorities means deadlines are met and work is completed to a high standard without the need for micro-managing.

With a team of remote workers, the role of a manager is immediately more wide-ranging, difficult and vital. This course provides clarity, structure and practical advice on leading in this unique context.

Each of these courses is an hour long, delivered live to allow for questions and discussion, and can be booked for individuals or teams.

Get in touch for more details, or to book a session for yourself or your team.


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