A behavioural change programme that boosts productivity and effectiveness whilst addressing burnout

Immersive half-day learning sessions
practical tasks to deepen learning
group discussion for peer support
Productivity & Focus - Sustainable Excellence

No matter how much effort we put in, the world of work often feels like it’s coming at us faster than we can handle. We work in a whirlwind of unread emails, back-to-back meetings, interruptions and distractions.


As the pace and volume of communication has increased over the last decade, we see more and more people working early in the morning, late at night and at weekends to get through the to-do list, as the 9-5 becomes a productivity vacuum.


At the same time, we see the levels of stress and anxiety across the workforce increasing steadily. Government statistics show that stress is now the number one cause of absence from work, accounting for 57% of all working days lost due to ill health. Even in the years before COVID, YouGov found that 74% of UK adults felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in a typical year.

Sustainable Excellence is a behavioural change programme that seeks to address these challenges.  It enables people to take more control of their day and increase personal productivity and effectiveness in a sustainable, healthy, human way.

Objectives of Sustainable Excellence

This programme teaches people the essential skills we need to thrive in our hyper-connected, fast-paced working world. We share and embed techniques for making more of our time and getting more done without incurring burnout and exhaustion.

The objective of Sustainable Excellence is to boost productivity and performance whilst reducing stress, anxiety and burnout.

This programme teaches techniques and skills that will bring more control, calm, clarity and creativity into our daily lives. 

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