Training that teaches how to craft and present authentic stories that engage and energise audiences.

1-2 day training course
practical exercises personalise learning
detailed feedback and support
compelling storytelling and public speaking

Crafting and delivering powerful stories is how people persuade, inspire and unite those around them. Without a compelling narrative and great delivery, even the strongest ideas, proposals and appeals can be undervalued or misunderstood.


Whether that's in a presentation, networking session, video conference, internal meeting or a client pitch - the ability to find and deliver the persuasive story is are essential skills. 

This training harnesses insight from psychology, neuroscience and centuries of narrative craft.  We share and embed this through immersive practical exercises in a psychologically safe, supportive environment.  This empowers you to do your ideas justice.

Objectives of Compelling Storytelling

4and20Million will help the people within your business craft compelling, memorable stories for a range of different scenarios, boosting their communication capabilities and helping them to  deliver with confidence, emotion and clarity.

Crafting compelling stories: We teach the principles of how to really engage an audience. We cover a blend of psychology, neuroscience and immersive exercises to help attendees improve their storytelling flair. This ensures that whenever they share their stories, audiences feel inspired and energised. 


Communicate with confidence: We examine how to prepare yourself to communicate with passion, clarity and energy. We share practical tips that trick your brain into a positive mindset to overcome any nerves. We also explore how to nail the delivery and tell your story with impact. 

The objective is to ensure that storytelling - in whichever environment you operate - becomes an enjoyable, memorable experience for all. 

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