Making people and teams better

We cover everything you need to develop and enable exceptional performance.

We teach the critical skills needed from your apprentice to CEO.

We build team dynamics to ensure different people come together to be brilliant.

We embed a culture that ensures people can thrive.

And we measure the effectiveness of everything we do.

Start with measurement

Your development needs for the year ahead are different to every other year, and to every other business.

So to choose the best investment in your people, we first recommend identifying priority needs through our 4and20 Compass survey.  Not only will this clarify your biggest priorities, it will also provide the 'before' picture for us to properly measure progress against.  After all, why invest in initiatives you can't measure?


We provide the staples of time management training, presentation training and leadership training, alongside the increasingly important human skills that are vital to business success, including emotional intelligence development, focus and empathy.

Brilliant individuals are ineffective without brilliant teams around them.  4and20million use modern, tested psychometric tools to create deeper team connection and shared perspectives.  We also help you look beyond a CV to avoid bad hires and build a high functioning team. 

In a great company culture, people come together with a shared sense of purpose to do their best ever work.  This isn't magic - it's something you can create and measure.

Talk to us about how we can supercharge your workplace culture.

A taster of what we can provide:

Measuring employee engagement

Identifying areas of need

Time management training

Presentation training

Leadership training

Productivity training

Emotional Intelligence development

Building Focus

Adaptability training

Team building & collaboration training

Working with others

Recruiting team players

Recruiting for potential

Embedding new talent (Brilliant inductions)

Building great teams

Talent management

Creating a high performance culture

Embracing feedback for personal development

Defining your purpose

Bringing your values to life

Attracting the best talent

Reducing churn

Making work better!