everything we do is about maximising human potential.
our training supercharges the human connections within your team and with your customers.

In an age of increased remote working, 'quiet quitting' and record stress and burnout, engaging employees and enabling them to maximise their individual and collective potential is a bigger challenge than ever.  With less face-to-face contact and 'learning through osmosis', instilling the core skills needed to progress and thrive in our careers is both tougher and more vital than ever.

Developing the essential skills of Productivtiy & Focus, Leadership & Management, Collaboration, Storytelling & Public Speaking and Self-Development & Personal Growth enables high performance by addressing the skill gaps and hurdles that hold so many of us back from truly achieving our best.


These core skills are essential to personal growth and enable individuals, teams and businesses to thrive. 


How can we work with you?

Developing these five fundamental skills means using them every day in our work and our interactions with others.  Embedding new behaviours requires incremental development and practice. 
This doesn't happen in a one-off training session (which is why so much training is forgotten and neglected).​
We provide the right balance of learning and practical exercises to embed new behaviour.  Our courses comprise of a mix of classroom learning, takeaway exercises, personal feedback, peer-to-peer learning and group discussion.
4and20Million sessions are energising, thought-provoking and have a lasting impact.
We partner with clients in three ways:


Long-term programmes designed around the needs of the people in your business

core programmes

our off-the-shelf courses, tailored to the specific needs of your team

one hour boosts

injections of inspiration and practical tips to energise and inspire your people