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Attempting the most productive day ever - Tuesday 18th August

We’d all like to have more time to get stuff done. With productivity being such a hot topic as we work remotely, we decided the time was right to put our productivity training course to the test. Follow along with us on Tuesday 18th as Dan takes on the #MostProductiveDay.

“Like everyone else, there are lots of things that I’d like to find time to do, but somehow never manage. I love riding my bike, but since becoming a parent I’ve struggled to find time to get the miles in. I’ve also got plenty of important-but-not-urgent work projects, a long list of DIY jobs around the house and a shelf of great books waiting to be read.

So I want to do something about it. I’m going to put the techniques and strategies we teach in our productivity training to the test in an attempt to have the most productive day of my life.

In one 12 hour period I’m going to take on the tricky-but-important work tasks I procrastinate over along with a list of DIY projects that I’ve never got round to. Plus have dinner with my kids and put them to bed, squeeze in the usual meetings and emails, make time for some reading and finally write a blog to summarise the whole experience. In the midst of all that, I’ll also fit in 50 miles of cycling. Phew!

To add just a bit more pressure I’ll be posting live updates throughout the day, and will share the productivity hacks and tips that might just make all of the above possible in one super productive day.”

This might be a triumph. It could be a disaster. Either way, it’ll be educational and hopefully entertaining along the way. So join us on Tuesday 18th August – follow along with @4and20million on twitter from 9am for our #MostProductiveDay. And wish us luck!


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