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avoiding burnout

In a time where work has no clear end and we are constantly available, this course establishes techniques and motivation to create boundaries to protect work/life balance, reduce burnout and find a sustainable routine


avoiding burnout

When did you last complete your to-do list? Or get your inbox down to zero?

We might start each day trying to accomplish these goals, but they remain stubbornly incomplete.  There is always more to do.  And with work being available to us 24/7, it is difficult to know when to stop.

Avoiding Burnout recognises that high performance is not simply about working harder or for longer. For the sake of both our work and - more importantly - ourselves, we need good quality rest and downtime, and a meaningful life outside our work.

This training course develops behaviours and habits that help people avoid living in a constant state of overload and stress.


In order to reach a place of high-performance, we have to create time to rest and recharge. We need wider context to our work, a sense of perspective and time away to enable us to come back inspired and with fresh thinking.

Through a range of inspirational sources, 4and20Million guide participants to create purposeful boundaries and meaningful finish lines. This is increasingly important given the prevalence of home working.


For the sake of our brains and our health, we need to find ways to disconnect, pause, process and reflect.  Avoiding Burnout will enable you to do this in a practical and uplifting way. 

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