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compelling storytelling

Our storytelling training focuses on creating compelling narratives and engaging an audience - allowing you to tell compelling stories in whichever medium you choose.

Suitable for improving presentations, networking, pitching skills and more... 


compelling storytelling

Crafting and delivering powerful stories is how people persuade, inspire and unite those around them.

Whether that's in a client meeting, a cold call, a presentation, networking session, video conference, internal meeting or a major pitch - the ability to find and articulate a persuasive story is an invaluable skill. 

Without a compelling narrative, even the strongest ideas, proposals and appeals can be undervalued or misunderstood. 

Utilising insights from psychology, neuroscience, Hollywood and industry, Compelling Storytelling covers the principles of crafting a narrative to engage audiences, ensuring they are left feeling inspired and energised by your words.


We instil belief in the words you are saying and a clarity of message, with the focus always on the audience experience.

The outcome is more compelling narratives, a more confident and coherent articulation and better engagement with your audience.

As much corporate storytelling involves formal presentations, we cover slide design and making the most of PowerPoint in this training, including how to present data in a meaningful and compelling way and how to avoid Death by Powerpoint.  These elements can be removed where not relevant to your needs.

Preparing for a big presentation, pitch, keynote speech or event?  Get in touch to discuss how we can work with you to help with specific coaching to get you match fit and ready for your big moment, working with you on the specific content and delivery.

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