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coping with change

Building resilience, boosting self-esteem and responding effectively to challenges


coping with change

The world can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable place to be. Our roles evolve, our responsibilities expand, managers, clients and colleagues move on and change happens when we least expect it. Organisations are often in a state of disruption, whether planned or entirely unforeseen.

Add to this the five to seven times times we’ll get a new job over a typical career, it’s clear that one of the most critical skills we can develop is our own personal capacity to cope with change. 

Coping with Change draws from neuroscience, philosophy and psychology to provide perspective and practical techniques to help navigate unsettling circumstances.


Attendees will leave with a sense of empowerment, enabling them to reinforce their personal resilience and better manage the inevitable uncertainties of day-to-day working life.

This training course is ideal for anyone dealing with change in the short-term, or wanting to build resilience and adaptability for the future.

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