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Facilitating team performance

enabling high performance

Training for leaders and managers in how to create a positive team culture and deliver effective feedback


enabling high performance

Your approach, attitude and demeanour are all highly contagious. Just sitting next to someone in a bad mood has been shown to limit performance! How you approach your day sets the tone and the standards for the people around you, especially those you manage.

The headline news is that - as a leader, manager or senior figure - you have a disproportionate influence on the mood, culture, standards and morale of the team.  And with great power comes great responsibility!

One of the most critical ways in which we can influence the performance of others is through our ability - or inability - to provide effective feedback. Our natural aversion to giving or seeking feedback often prevents effective communication and hinders performance and progress. 

However, well-delivered feedback can be the spark that elevates performance, enables people to overcome blind spots and reduces barriers to personal and professional growth. It should be the tonic we all crave!

Enabling High Performance is a training course for team leaders and managers that explores how to positively influence those around you through your behavioural cues and effective feedback.


Looking to involve the whole team? Our Creating a Feedback Culture course is designed as a team-wide training course to tackle the thorny subject of feedback together.  This course is intended for leaders and managers looking to influence their team's culture and behaviours from the inside out.

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