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from boss to coach

Leadership and management training for modern teams.

Includes fostering psychological safety, building trust, avoiding micro-managing and creating effective communication.


from boss to coach

Much of what we might traditionally think of as leadership is often rooted in control and hierarchy.


Whilst there might be a place for this in certain scenarios, it cannot be the only leadership tool in your armoury.


Getting the best from a team requires more than simply dictating work or having the most knowledge.

To enable others to do their best work, the best leaders coach, nurture and inspire their people. This relationship isn’t forged overnight, but it’s what sets great teams and leaders apart and is essential for great collective performance.

From Boss to Coach sets out how you can create a culture of great performance and how to enable others without micro-managing. It's the people management training course that you wish your early line managers had taken!

By fostering psychological safety, creating effective communication and exploring how to effectively manage your reactions, From Boss to Coach is a game-changing leadership and management course for those with leadership aspirations. 

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