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utilising emotional intelligence

By gaining greater insight into the impact of our emotions on our behaviours and decision making, we can develop invaluable emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience and self-awareness.


utilising emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence training from 4and20Million


Combining an in-depth personal profile with a collaborative half-day group development session, Utilising Emotional Intelligence explores the impact of a range of key traits on personality and behaviour.  


This includes our relationship with stress, our social energy, how emotion affects our decision making, our self-perception and internal monologue.

By exploring these aspects of our personality - and importantly seeing ourselves in contrast to others - we are able to better understand the ‘why’ behind behaviour, and appreciate where and how we may need to adapt to benefit both ourselves and our relationships with others.  


You’ll come away understanding your own motivations, triggers and behaviours in a new light, with a clear model for creating personal development goals as a result.  You’ll also gain insight into how our emotions, behaviours and decisions interact, a hugely valuable asset when working with others.

Particularly suitable for team leaders, this course amplifies your capacity to understand yourself and enables a deeper connection with your team through better understanding of others. 

Utilising Emotional Intelligence is powered by Lumina Spark, a modern psychometric tool that emphasises personal strengths, growth potential and effective co-working.


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