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sustainable excellence

Essential productivity training for teams

Increase team performance while combating stress, anxiety and burnout


sustainable excellence

Sustainable Excellence is 4and20Million’s flagship training and development programme to improve team productivity.


It enables teams of all sizes to develop the skills and behaviours needed to thrive in a busy, hybrid / remote working world. By embarking on this programme your team will learn how to work smarter, create high quality outputs and collaborate effectively in a shorter space of time.

This course is not just about increasing team productivity. It’s about being more engaged and purposeful with your work and your time. Participants will learn time management techniques that help them to focus their energy, manage their attention and establish behaviours and habits that prevent them from living in a constant state of overload and stress.

Sustainable Excellence brings teams together to move past the clutter of unproductive meetings and constant interruption to find more effective ways to work productively. It prompts much-needed discussion amongst teams and culminates in agreed priorities and actions to drive collective improvement. 

We'll help you to make meetings more efficient and productive and assist with workload management techniques alongside interactive team workshop elements to really draw out the best ways of working for your team.

Behaviour change can't happen overnight, so you can expect plenty of post-course follow up over the next six months to help embed learning, prompt trail of these techniques and stimulate reflection and discussion - expect reading recommendations, YouTube links, blogs, Netflix suggestions and shared articles as we support you in turning principle and theory into experimentation and experience.

An established programme endorsed by some of the biggest names in UK corporate life, Sustainable Excellence is a modern course for  modern work, encouraging long-term behaviour change and the adoption of healthier, more effective working habits.

Click 'see course details' below for further information on Sustainable Excellence.

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