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creating a feedback culture

Empower your team to deliver, accept and normalise feedback, creating fuel for personal growth


creating a feedback culture

At its best, feedback is well-intentioned advice delivered by someone uniquely positioned to provide illuminating insight into our performance. It should be something that we seek out relentlessly.  


Yet our collective discomfort in delivering and receiving feedback illustrates that this ideal is far from our day-to-day reality. When we hear the word ‘feedback’, our natural defences rise and we actively avoid potentially uncomfortable conversations.

Creating a Feedback Culture is a team feedback training session that reframes the entire concept. Rather than accept a team environment in which feedback is an awkward exchange and equated with criticism, this session positions feedback as something to be actively sought for personal development.

This feedback training enables people to deliver smart, timely and effective feedback that can be used as essential fuel for development. We also examine how feedback can become an ingrained trait of team behaviour, detailing how you can normalise and encourage a culture of regular feedback.

Pragmatic and insightful, Creating a Feedback Culture provides the catalyst for profound improvement and lasting change across your team. 

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